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From the Airport to the Normandie Hotel:

Turn left at the airport parking exit on to the main road. Head east toward St. Jean. (If, by mistake, you turn right - the direction to Gustavia - go up the hill and circle back at the roundabout.) You will pass a shopping area and gas station on your right. Follow the main road through St. Jean past some small shops, restaurants and a pharmacy. The road now ascends and curves along the edge of the water below. The ocean will always be on your left. Continue straight on past L'Oasis Shopping Center. Soon you will see another gas station on your left and then the bakery/cafe, La Petite Colombe, on your right. A short distance beyond, you will come to the ASB Minimart. Turn right at the Route de Saline, the main intersection of Lorient. Drive 1/4 mile along this road. The Normandie Hotel will be on your right. There is parking on the opposite side next to the narrow ravine and picket fence.

From the Ferry to the Normandie Hotel:

Exit the parking lot and turn left on to the Rue de la Republique. Continue straight ahead out of Gustavia and through the industrial area of Public. The road winds as it ascends the hill to the roundabout. Circle the rotary 180 degrees and head downhill toward the airport (on your left). Follow the directions for an airport arrival.